Two week ago I was comparing Christina Aguilera to Snookie from Jersey Shore, sad but real!
Then I thought, What the fuck happened to all the popstars from my childhood?

Yes, Christina Aguilera is not an exception: this curse of tacky taste and "Omg I feel for her so much!" has beat down all my 90's idols!

For example, Britney's music video went from "naiveschoolgirlnotTHISnaive"  to "superproductplacementgirl". And sometimes without understanding why… 

Want to go the the product placement hunt? Watch the video!

The last Spice girl performance at the Olympics, let's NOT EVEN talk about it. I waited houuuuuurs to see Victoria Beckham so paper thin she could have been blown away from the roof of the cab she was standing on!

Anyway, let's not be nostalgic… I mean the 21st century got his own "popstars" which are better to me. And I'm not talking about the LadyGaga crew who just wears crazy outfits, and people call it art. Provoking is easy, doing it with a meaning is something else.

Since couple of years arrived a bunch of bad girls arrived and in addition to have crazy outfits they also have something to say 

SO, long life to M.i.A, Azealia, Yo-Landi and other <3

Wearring: Burberry (men) metallic bomber jacket,  a Patricia Field bra, and a whateveryouwant skirt

and her nails <3

You can download her Free mix tape here!

What are you? 90's crew or bad bitches?




Here is a quick post to talk about a current obsession:


Who could have thought that, ONE DAY, Nike air max will be fashionable?! (getting hysterical!)

The draw above represent menswear Prada shoes (now in shop hallelujah).
These are perfect for people with strong convictions: NO SNEAKERS!

Well, I'm not this wild and it's easy for fashion to tame me ( I know, sad reality...)

This pair is perfect to have some more of my dignity .


PS: one thing is certain: Prada will NEVER  hire me to draw ANYTHING!


Let's talk fashion week part IV

Paris is the last but maybe the best fashion week in the month 
of September.
As we say in french: " le meilleur pour la fin"

So many shows I loved, I had to make a choice. So, it is with regret that I'm showing you just FEW of my favorite shows

Sasha Pivovarova is getting grunge, wearing a Anthony Vaccarello dress, shirt and sunglasses by Dries Van Noten.

Talking about Dries van Noten and saying that this is "grunge" is not usual, and 
Anthony Vaccarello is more famous about creating sexy ( really sexy! ) outfits but
let me explain.

Is it OBVIOUS now? 

The first girl came on Dries van Noten's catwalk and I was smelling teen spirit again.

And Vaccarello's drapped skirt match perfectly with this Cobain inspiration,
really "CourtneyLoveafteranightoflovewhojustmadeaskirtbywindingintothesheets."
(people in fashion LOOOVE to create reaaaaly long word to describe something)

Here, Aymeline is wearing Miu-Miu and Alla is wearing all by Givenchy.

Well, first I want to say that I think that Aymeline Valade is the perfect model for Paris: really strong, really parisian. She's one of my favorite model at the moment.

Miu-Miu show was just amazing, tie&dye fur? really? GENIUS!
Givenchy show, well... Nice shapes but I just wanted to draw this because


no print for this season!!

Because this is the morning ( well, it depend what kind of people you are but I'm the kind waking at 1p.m on saturday morning)

Bye bye babies