Two week ago I was comparing Christina Aguilera to Snookie from Jersey Shore, sad but real!
Then I thought, What the fuck happened to all the popstars from my childhood?

Yes, Christina Aguilera is not an exception: this curse of tacky taste and "Omg I feel for her so much!" has beat down all my 90's idols!

For example, Britney's music video went from "naiveschoolgirlnotTHISnaive"  to "superproductplacementgirl". And sometimes without understanding why… 

Want to go the the product placement hunt? Watch the video!

The last Spice girl performance at the Olympics, let's NOT EVEN talk about it. I waited houuuuuurs to see Victoria Beckham so paper thin she could have been blown away from the roof of the cab she was standing on!

Anyway, let's not be nostalgic… I mean the 21st century got his own "popstars" which are better to me. And I'm not talking about the LadyGaga crew who just wears crazy outfits, and people call it art. Provoking is easy, doing it with a meaning is something else.

Since couple of years arrived a bunch of bad girls arrived and in addition to have crazy outfits they also have something to say 

SO, long life to M.i.A, Azealia, Yo-Landi and other <3

Wearring: Burberry (men) metallic bomber jacket,  a Patricia Field bra, and a whateveryouwant skirt

and her nails <3

You can download her Free mix tape here!

What are you? 90's crew or bad bitches?




Here is a quick post to talk about a current obsession:


Who could have thought that, ONE DAY, Nike air max will be fashionable?! (getting hysterical!)

The draw above represent menswear Prada shoes (now in shop hallelujah).
These are perfect for people with strong convictions: NO SNEAKERS!

Well, I'm not this wild and it's easy for fashion to tame me ( I know, sad reality...)

This pair is perfect to have some more of my dignity .


PS: one thing is certain: Prada will NEVER  hire me to draw ANYTHING!


Let's talk fashion week part IV

Paris is the last but maybe the best fashion week in the month 
of September.
As we say in french: " le meilleur pour la fin"

So many shows I loved, I had to make a choice. So, it is with regret that I'm showing you just FEW of my favorite shows

Sasha Pivovarova is getting grunge, wearing a Anthony Vaccarello dress, shirt and sunglasses by Dries Van Noten.

Talking about Dries van Noten and saying that this is "grunge" is not usual, and 
Anthony Vaccarello is more famous about creating sexy ( really sexy! ) outfits but
let me explain.

Is it OBVIOUS now? 

The first girl came on Dries van Noten's catwalk and I was smelling teen spirit again.

And Vaccarello's drapped skirt match perfectly with this Cobain inspiration,
really "CourtneyLoveafteranightoflovewhojustmadeaskirtbywindingintothesheets."
(people in fashion LOOOVE to create reaaaaly long word to describe something)

Here, Aymeline is wearing Miu-Miu and Alla is wearing all by Givenchy.

Well, first I want to say that I think that Aymeline Valade is the perfect model for Paris: really strong, really parisian. She's one of my favorite model at the moment.

Miu-Miu show was just amazing, tie&dye fur? really? GENIUS!
Givenchy show, well... Nice shapes but I just wanted to draw this because


no print for this season!!

Because this is the morning ( well, it depend what kind of people you are but I'm the kind waking at 1p.m on saturday morning)

Bye bye babies


Let's talk fashion week : Part III

After New-york and London comes Milan:

Dolce&Gabbana show is definitely my favorite one, and I just can't wait to see the campaign!

Their campaign are always amazing. I just love this way of showing italian traditions, 
really theatrical.

NEXT: Paris fashion week



Let's talk fashion week : PART I & II

It's been a month since my last post,

I KNOW, I'm such a bad blogger but I had to find a new place to live and london based readers know how hard it is! Anyway who the fuck cares!

A lot has happened on September like, for example, this tiny event people call fashion week.
Here are some MASTERPIECES (from N-Y and London FW) I just fell in love with!

Daphnee (LOVE HER) is wearing a Alexander Wang (LOVE THIS COLLECTION) jacket,
a Acne skirt and Rodarte shoes ( LOVE THIS SHOES)
Got it? Love is in the air! (click)

Here is a "London special" draw: Karlie is wearing a Jonathan Saunders skirt and a Christopher Kane t-shirt.
Christopher Kane Frankenstein's t-shirt is sooooo gonna be a masterpiece. Be careful Kenzo sweater, Christopher Kane's t-shirt is coming!

B.A.D       T.A.S.T.E      M.O.M.E.N.T

Something else has happened during September: Christina Aguilera put online her new video clip "Your Body". 
I don't wanna be mean, but is Jersey Shore style fashionable? I do not hide that I pretty like the song and that I'm humming this song all day long,  but... 

This picture is symbolic in itself!

Same orange skin, same curly hair extensions! Let's not talk about Christina clothes...
Christina has never been a example for good taste, and she's also known for her fashion schizophrenia: come on! Two albums before, she was supposed to look like Marilyn Monroe and now she's Snookie twins?

To close this article, let's listen to this spanish band call Pegasvs.
The video clip is so cool, a little bit like Game of thrones under acids!

Bye babes, Cizit is officially back!




Sweater (Maria Escoté) / Short (Givenchy)

This is Madrid's fashion week, and I just can't wait for my favorite spanish designer's fashion show:

Her last collection was amazing (have a look on her website). I loved everything 
about: neon colors (specially on bikers jackets), mix of bright and dark colors,
transparence and leather/plastic fabrics...

PS: for Jeffrey Campbell addicts, she did a collaboration with the brand!

For this particular occasion, I decided to show you two different looks with
my two favorite pieces of her "Shock" collection.



Biker jacket (Maria Escoté) / Jogger (Vintage / Sunglasses (Céline)



Now that my holidays are over, I can focus on the blog!
Oh, and yeah I decided to write in English, it will be better for everybody
to understand the crap I'm writing.

So this is my "backinthecity" look composed with:

Wolly hat (Vintage) / Sunglasses (Chloé Sévigny for O.C) / Earring (Lena Klax) / Pullover (Acne) / Short (Maarten Van der Horst for Topshop)

I can now talk to you about a french jewels designer, named Lena Klax I just love! 

Isn't my earring super-cool?! I feel like a chav mermaid or something like this. Remind me of M.I.A video clip "Bad girl" or this Editorial of Hysteria magazine I totally fell in love with first time I saw it!

As a goodbye, let me show you my summer shoes, half mesh half plastic:

Shoes ( Forfex x OC) / Ankle bracelet ( Camden)




A quick post between a swimming session and a cocktail to introduce you my 
"playa stuffs"! 

Backpack (Jeremy Scott) / Sunglasses (Chloé Sévigny for Opening Ceremony) / Sandals (Kenzo) / Slush (Local Beach)

Anyway, I'll see you in September, as tanned as Snookie would be!




I'm leaving on holidays (two days after the creation of the blog, I know, I look like a total wanker..)
It will be pretty empty for few days so.


SPECIAL SUMMERY SONG! To keep you waiting


Vous l'aurez compris, en plus des cheveux de sirènes, une des mes passions sont les boucles d'oreilles:

You got it, as well as mermaid hair, I love earrings:

boucle Melody Ehsani, découverte sur le blog de Sanaa-K

Mes fournisseurs sont divers, mais j'ai mes préférences comme pour cette
boucle Tatty Devine <3

I buy them in different places, but I've got my favorite ones, like these Tatty Devine's. 

Ma prochaine acquisition n'existe malheureusement  
pas. Je l'ai vu dans le film "Moonrise Kingdom".
CEPENDANT, si un admirateur romantique et bricoleur passe par la,
il peut toujours me créer cette petite merveille:

Unfortunately, my next purchase doesn't exist yet. I saw
it in "Moonrise Kingdom", the movie.
HOWEVER, if a romantic handyman fan see that, he can 
do it ! 

En bonus, un son de ma collègue de crinière, Azealia <3



Débardeur (American Apparel) / Salopette (Levi's vintage re-découpée) / Casquette (H&M) / Pochette ( Comme des Garçons)


Mon nom est anonyme, mon visage l'est aussi. Je mets cependant à découvert mes envies, mes découvertes, mes inspirations et vous les fais partager à travers mes illustrations.

My name and my face will stay unknown. However, I'll share inspirations, discoveries, desires through my illustrations.

Let's get this party started!


T-shirt (vintage), bague (delfina delettrez), earring

PS: Les images présentes sur le blog ne sont pas libres de droit, me consulter pour toute utilisation.