Now that my holidays are over, I can focus on the blog!
Oh, and yeah I decided to write in English, it will be better for everybody
to understand the crap I'm writing.

So this is my "backinthecity" look composed with:

Wolly hat (Vintage) / Sunglasses (Chloé Sévigny for O.C) / Earring (Lena Klax) / Pullover (Acne) / Short (Maarten Van der Horst for Topshop)

I can now talk to you about a french jewels designer, named Lena Klax I just love! 

Isn't my earring super-cool?! I feel like a chav mermaid or something like this. Remind me of M.I.A video clip "Bad girl" or this Editorial of Hysteria magazine I totally fell in love with first time I saw it!

As a goodbye, let me show you my summer shoes, half mesh half plastic:

Shoes ( Forfex x OC) / Ankle bracelet ( Camden)


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Charleston a dit…

digging the illustrations


cizit a dit…

Thanx a lot!