Let's talk fashion week : PART I & II

It's been a month since my last post,

I KNOW, I'm such a bad blogger but I had to find a new place to live and london based readers know how hard it is! Anyway who the fuck cares!

A lot has happened on September like, for example, this tiny event people call fashion week.
Here are some MASTERPIECES (from N-Y and London FW) I just fell in love with!

Daphnee (LOVE HER) is wearing a Alexander Wang (LOVE THIS COLLECTION) jacket,
a Acne skirt and Rodarte shoes ( LOVE THIS SHOES)
Got it? Love is in the air! (click)

Here is a "London special" draw: Karlie is wearing a Jonathan Saunders skirt and a Christopher Kane t-shirt.
Christopher Kane Frankenstein's t-shirt is sooooo gonna be a masterpiece. Be careful Kenzo sweater, Christopher Kane's t-shirt is coming!

B.A.D       T.A.S.T.E      M.O.M.E.N.T

Something else has happened during September: Christina Aguilera put online her new video clip "Your Body". 
I don't wanna be mean, but is Jersey Shore style fashionable? I do not hide that I pretty like the song and that I'm humming this song all day long,  but... 

This picture is symbolic in itself!

Same orange skin, same curly hair extensions! Let's not talk about Christina clothes...
Christina has never been a example for good taste, and she's also known for her fashion schizophrenia: come on! Two albums before, she was supposed to look like Marilyn Monroe and now she's Snookie twins?

To close this article, let's listen to this spanish band call Pegasvs.
The video clip is so cool, a little bit like Game of thrones under acids!

Bye babes, Cizit is officially back!


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